I ask this question seriously. Did Lindsay graduate from high school? Does she have her GED? Instead of rehab, send her to school. Make her take history, literature, help her gain perspective about her place in the world. She exists in her little bubble of "me," where she has existed since adolescence, and has developed… » 3/31/14 12:17pm 3/31/14 12:17pm

Buck Compton is not a douche! He saw his two buddies get their legs blown off in a forest and he now exists in a fantasy land of mid century living rooms and kids who high five their dads. It is his safety spot, when things get bad he just closes his eyes and magically travels to a place where people can afford… » 3/31/14 11:42am 3/31/14 11:42am

If those Millennials got ditched those hipster suspenders and got some yankable bootstraps all their problems would be solved! Also meany employers aren't fond of beardies so get rid of the face blanket and go smooth. No flannel, wear a tie. All their problems will be solved by an episode of Boomer Eye for the Hipster … » 3/31/14 11:12am 3/31/14 11:12am